I am Full-stack Web Developer with experience in Javascript UI technologies – Node.js, Jquery, Angular and React, the MEAN stack, Linux, Apache, Python and MySql.

My ultimate goal as a software engineer is to do meaningful, impactful work that brings forth positive change to others, while continuously learning. I seek opportunities to grow my skill set, strengthen my current knowledge and capabilities. I possess a strong interest in client-facing web development, building user experiences with optimal performance and results.

With a background in Mathematics, I have taken particular interest in Machine Learning and analyzing data that can be used to create more effective applications to achieve desired outcomes.

As an avid traveler who also possesses a passion for community activism, I hope to use my newly learned skills to support my areas of interest.

I am skilled in the MEAN stack and the LAMP(python) stack.


A wedding planning application for the birde and her party.

Live site Github Repo


A dynamic app that allows users to locate music festivals around the nation.

Live site Github Repo

Sheena's Pickles & Jams

An ecommerce site built in the full MEAN stack.

Live site Github Repo

Color Game

Chat application that allows users to share drawings and chat with other people in real-time.

Live site Github Repo


Atlanta, GA

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Email: shirlette.chambers@gmail.com

Phone: 336-413-4034

Skype: shirly.boop